Crazy PM Shift


As of today, I have finished my second week on PM/Second shift. On my unit, this is one of the craziest shifts ever! There are many discharges and before you know it, and admit or even two are coming up to the unit at the same time! Luckily we have some charge nurses that are very helpful, but sometimes that 8 hours disappears and I find myself working 15-30 minutes after my shift is over. I feel as a nurse I have grown so much in these last two weeks alone. I have learned to prioritize even better than I have before. Although, I have to say I am still not great at it! Still in that task master phase. I have even gotten a chance to have nursing students follow me. Weird!   I tell you what, one of the greatest pieces of advice I was told was in order to build rapport in a fast paced environment, do your charting in the patient room. The patient and I are able to connect and I finish my charting! This does not always happen, but when it does, I feel so much more connected with my patient. No  better feeling then when a patient asks if you are coming back the next day and they get excited when you are.  Along with building rapport with my patients, I have been able to create a deeper connection with my coworkers. Things are still crazy on this unit, but I feel much better after switching off night shift. I think nights was slowly taking away my spark and turning me into a zombie. It appears that when you have more sleep, you can get through almost anything!

I am currently doing some networking with other nurses that I know. After my 8 month experience floating to an oncology unit, I feel it may be something I want to explore again. Surgical nursing has been an amazing experience, but I am not sure it is an experience that I would want to do for the rest of my life. Whatever career is ahead for me I want to make sure my work-life balance is maintained and I can find my true passion to launch me forward and development my career.

The sun is shining today and the weather is beautiful. I cannot wait to spend the weekend outside with my hubby and celebrate my brother and dad’s birthdays on Sunday!


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