Ciao Night Shift!


As of yesterday, the long nights, sleeping during the day, after shift nausea, and feeling like a zombie on my days off are over! Every works on night shift for various reasons; raising kids, the extra money, or day shift is too crazy… but for me? I left night shift because I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I thought the pace of night shift, even on a crazy night, was great and always allowed me to catch up, even during a rapid response. Night shift allowed me to gain develop my nursing skills and become comfortable at this new hospital, and the nurses and charges nurses during the night were always willing to help and I thought we had a great time. Even with all that night shift had to offer, the decline in my health and wellbeing outside of the hospital was not acceptable. It does not matter how much money I make, if one the other end I am sick and unhealthy and my life outside of work is impacted. It is not about the money, it is about balance. Therefore, it was easy for me to leave night shift once a different shift became available. My supervisor gave me an opportunity to switch to PM 8 hour shift. Although it is nice getting all 2-3 shifts out of the way and enjoy more time off, I felt my time off when I worked 12 hour nights was less than desirable. Night was a great experience and taught me to be even stronger than I once was and I think my nursing skills have increased, but I am beyond excited to leave this shift behind and hopefully regain some normalcy.  PEACE OUT!

In addition to switching to PM shift, I am also looking into various places to internship for my personal training program! I believe the internship is 8 weeks long and consists of 10 hours a week. I have contacted a few places and have already heard back from everyone! The place I am most excited for is a fitness center that is connected to one of our sister hospitals. They have a focus in medical fitness personal training for people that have had cancer, heart disease, lung disease, and so forth. As a nurse, this would combine both of my passion and I think it could be rewarding helping my clients use nonpharmacological methods to return to a healthy life.  I truly believe fitness and healthy eating can be more powerful than most drugs. There is a time and place for western medicine, but there is also a time and place for other methods to be considered. Hopefully we can get something set up!

There are a lot of things in the works for me right now and I feel good that these changes will lead to something better! Cannot wait to see what adventures the next few months bring.


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