Officially a NASM CPT!

When I first discovered that nursing would be my career path, I stated that I would like to find a field of nursing that is preventative and not curative. Well, as many know, once a patient enters the hospital, the time to prevent the particular problem has most likely passed. Even if there was an opportunity to help educate someone on how to prevent this illness in the future or other problems, we as nurses do not have the time or perhaps the license to fully educate them. For example, numerous total joint patients are having replacements because of osteoarthritis related to being overweight. I do not feel it is within my nursing role to say, you need to exercise more and eat better so that you can lose weight and not have another knee replacement. I can however, educated patients on how to use the incentive spirometer to prevent pneumonia or ask about vaccination to prevent disease.  Although, this is important, this is only one portion of preventative medicine.

As I went through  nursing school and my jobs, the only way I got through the long and stressful days was through working out and running. When I met my husband, he worked out a bit, but not nearly as much as I did. As we grew to know one another, he picked up a lot of my workout habits and I even created workout plans for us. I found value in doing so and realized, perhaps becoming a personal trainer would be a nice addition to my nursing role. I researched the different organizations until I stumbled upon NASM. I wanted a program that was well known and would allow me to train any population. I entered into the NASM 16 week program and as of yesterday, I am finished! I took my certification exam and with elevated nerves looked at the results afterwards and I PASSED!!!


Now onto the next part. I have a internship through NASM. I am excited to see what this internship will bring!

As for nursing, I am uber excited because this week will be my last week on night shift. I talked to my manager about the struggles and she was able to find a part time PM shift for me. I will be leaving the 12 hour shifts behind. At least for now! It will feel good sleeping within normal hours and getting most of my time back. As well as, not feeling ill anymore! We shall see where this road will lead….. until next time! Gotta go find a place to internship!




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