To Study Or To Run… Run It Is!

As May approaches quickly, I am only about a month away from taking my NASM personal training exam. Today I took a practice exam to see where I was at with my preparation. Needless to say, I definitely need to focus on studying some more before taking the exam. I have mixed emotions about school. I love learning and I am always reading books and articles in my down time, but when I comes to a more academic environment, I struggle to find motivation.

With a move on the horizon, I am finding that my attention is dwindling. We move in exactly one week! So of course instead of studying today, I took my practice exam, reviewed that, and decided to spend the rest of the afternoon out in the sun. I went for a 30 minute run and cool down afterwards. Chris graciously spent this lunch break riding his bike next to me, as his knee is currently not doing too well. It is always nice to get out, have some good conversations, good exercise, and loads of Vitamin D! After all, don’t they say there is a Vit D deficient in the midwest? Not for this girl! We tried out our new Saris Bones Bike Rack with this bike and let me say…. it was awesome! Easy to use, set up, and take down. I see two nice road bikes in our near future. When we move, we will be gaining the benefits of a river less than a mile away and a 43 mile bike path. Some major perks that one cannot find as much in the Midwest! I AM PUMPED! I love mixing up our 2 days a week of weight training with running, biking, hiking, walking, etc.

I think nursing is a great field and I do like the critical thinking and  unique perspectives that I have gain each day I am on the unit, but when I am off, I use all that time to be outside and be as active as possible. That is why getting this certification to become a personal trainer was a no brainer.  I plan to use the next two weeks to study the 6 domains of my PT exam and then dive in and take the exam. The key is studying a little bit per day and reviewing it afterwards. I also signed my dad and I up for a seminar in June through the Institute of Natural Resources focusing on Brain Health. My father and I have done copious amounts of reading on the brain and I think this seminar will reaffirm what we know and teach us much more. As an RN, it is important to get our 20 CEs every 2 years. If I can get them through something that interests me, even better! RNs are lifelong learners!

Many times on these runs I think about what lies ahead for my nursing career and to be honest… I have no idea. And I think that is okay! I would love to see where this personal training takes me. I would also like to see if I could get a position in Labor and Delivery at some point. Maybe even a PRN position, to be able to get my foot in the door! To be continued…

Gotta go enjoy more of this weather! More studying to come tomorrow!




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