Work, Birthday, Rinse and Repeat…


( P.s. that crazy guy in the background is my dad :P)

The funny thing about nursing is, you can only work 2-3 days a week but somehow you end up working 4 out of 5 days in a row with one day off between shifts. I have to admit, Friday was one of the coziest nights at work I have had in a long time. I had 6 patients, everyone was kind, eager to share their stories, and the flow of the night was steady and comfortable.  I take nights such as that to catch up on charting charge captures, education, and additional information on our handoff sheets that can sometimes go undone after a crazy night. After all, as nurses, one of our major duties is to be able to prioritize…. Rapid response > charge captures.  Nonetheless, I was hoping to stay on that side of the unit to return to at least 2/6 patients who had not gone home. Come Saturday, I find myself walking to the locker room to see all of my patient’s left and I was assigned on a different section of our unit.

The section I spent my Saturday night at is known to be more of the complicated surgical patients, i.e. the surgical oncology patients. I started my night out with two of these patients and two others that were overall stable. These patients kept me very busy and with some unforeseeable events thrown in the mix, I did not sit down until 3am. Luckily we have some amazing charge nurses who are extremely helpful, look out for our best interest, and monitor our patient loads . I stayed at 4 patients for the night and was able to get everything wrapped up by 630am, right before the AM shift started to trickle in. I was exhausted and ready to hit the bed. By 1130am I was getting up and ready to head to my family celebration for my birthday! It is quite amazing how the body can function on such little sleep. I had a wonderful dinner with my family and had some killer double chocolate cake made by my mom! When my husband and I got home, we were beat. We crashed by 930pm only to wake up at 700am feeling like blah! The back and forth between the shifts is a killer. And now with what seems like less than 24 hours away, I will be going back in for another two nights. I love the people and the pace of night shift, but I cannot stand the flip of my sleeping schedule and how poor I feel.  The only current remedy to that? Time to run and get some fresh air. I find that running  not only a great stress reliever, but also helps me feel better when my sleep schedule is all messed up. Before that though, I finished reading that book I mentioned on my previous post by Sonja M. Schwartzbach, BSN, RN, CCRN and now I am drinking some tea from my new tea pot and tea cups. A birthday present  Chris got me!

I try my best to not let a crazy shift get in my way of enjoying the next shift, but sometimes when there is little rest in between, I do find myself getting anxious. I am hopeful though, that tonight will be a better one! There is always so much to learn and experience as a nurse. No two days are the same.  Then after I get home Wednesday night, it is time for me to start hard core studying for my CPT exam!!


Off for a run and  to get some Vitamin D!


One thought on “Work, Birthday, Rinse and Repeat…

  1. Another wonderful post. You are a great writer! You should consider writing a book, I’d call it a year in the life of a nurse, or something like that lol


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