When it rains…it EFFING POURS!

Holy moly.

Nursing PPE

I have not written here in what seem like forever. I have so much to say but not enough time. I have two presentations and a big research paper on the horizon on top of finals, but I will highlight my 3rd quarter happenings a bit!

I got to put in my first straight cath and NG tube!! I was beyond excited and my professor even complimented and he never compliments anyone. MADE MY WHOLE DAY. He left me take home the instructional pamphlet to put on my fridge! And…I totally did. Total nerd. Our med-surg clinical( rehab floor) has been a very good experience for me thus far. I have gotten a chance to deal with a person who has had a rare inflammatory disease and a person who has had brain surgery. The staples were intense looking. I also got to shadow a pre/post op nurse. My whole class thought that we would get to see a surgery on our observation day but NOPE; just everything in between. BUMMER. Another filed of nursing I discovered that is not for me. I am loving getting these experiences though.

Tests have been going ok…I am not doing as well as I would like but I am hanging in there. This nursing research paper is going to kill me. After last quarter being CRAZY, I have been brain dead this quarter. I was so sad watching everyone go out for Halloween and I was like ummm I have homework I will make up for this next year. One girl mentioned that she counts down by saying this will be the last Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. before we graduate. We have many ways to help us get through.  I cannot believe I am in week 9 already. Where is this time going?!

Next quarter we are doing public health, psych, and pediatrics. I am stoked! In our first week we get to do clinical immersion and be a that the hospital for four days in a row with no school. Now that is what I am talking about. I am loving clinical.  Almost halfway down with the program and I am beginning to feel like a nurse. Is it August yet?!

I am looking forward to break so I can catch up with all my relationships. I have not been able to talk with my friends and hang with them nearly as much as I would like. Time to buckle down and get this silly paper done.

Sorry for the delay in writing this for anyone who follows me!

More to come!


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